Dryer Repair Jacksonville


Jacksonville Dryer Repair Services, Affordable for Everyone!

Were you ever in need of a good dryer repair service and you could not afford it? Now, you do not have to worry about the money anymore, because here, at All City Appliance Repair Jacksonville, we understand that our customers are going through a tough period, financially speaking. This is why our prices are extremely low. But that does not mean that our dryer repair services are at an amateur level! It is exactly the other way around! We are one of the leading companies in the appliance repair business, and our reputation precedes us.

dryer repair Jacksonville

We’re good, but there are some appliances we can’t fix…

Dryers never break down at a good moment, and we understand that it is important to have your appliance up and running in no time. Most people do not call our professional help, but, instead, they choose to try and fix their dryers themselves. This is a mistake, because any small problem could hide a bigger one, and trying to fix it without having special training could result in pushing the gas or the electrical bill up, by running the machine on more occasions than necessary or with lower loads.

Appliance brands repaired by All City Appliance RepairWhat Dryer Brands Do We Service?

Our Jacksonville dryer repair technicians are experienced in working with almost any brand of dryer, no matter is it is:

We answer calls from individuals and businesses alike, repairing a variety of dryer types.

When Should You Call All City Appliance Repair in Jacksonville?

Most people don’t call us at the first sign of trouble and choose the warning their appliance sends, hoping that things will improve on their own. They never do, so here are a few signs that you need the help of a dryer repair technician:

  • Weird noises;
  • The dryer does nothing when turned on;
  • No heat in the dryer;
  • The dryers drum does not tumble – there are some reasons for this: broken belt, seized up motor, worn out parts.

Why Should You Call Us?

  • We repair the broken dryer on site, with the parts we have in our trucks.
  • We save you time by not asking you to bring your dryer to us.
  • We have a 3 hour appointment window.
  • We charge the same price, no matter if you call us outside the normal hours or during the weekends.
  • We give a 15 % discount to any customer that schedules an intervention online.
  • We have licensed technicians, the best in the region, with years of experience behind them and the appropriate certificates to prove their skills.
  • We organize monthly training sessions with major dryer manufacturers, which allows us to keep our employees up to date on the newest technologies and troubleshooting techniques on the market.
  • We offer 1 year warranty for the parts we use and 90 days for the labor.

Anytime you are in need of dryer repair services, call All City Appliance Repair Jacksonville, and we will make sure that the best technician is sent to your address on time.